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Our random sweet thoughts on our candy blog below...
Halloween is almost Here!
Boo!  Make sure you get your Halloween candy early!  Have fun this halloween and be safe.  We have some halloween costumes in our halloween section here!
Halloween Jelly Beans

Summer's Over - School's Here!
Well we hope you had a great summer.  Now it's time to get back to school.  Make sure you get fun candy snacks for your lunch!
Jujyfruits Lunch SnackSkittle Lunch Snack

Summer is here!
Ok, summer may not be OFFICIALLY here, but it's close enough!  It's getting warm out, so time to go outside.  Make sure you get your summer candy together like, lemonheads!
lemonheads for summer

Happy Easter! Get your peeps and chocolate bunnies!
Easter is almost here!  My favorite Easter candy is those marshmellow peeps!  They come in bunny or chicken shapes and are colored yellow, pink or purple.  Another classic is the hollow chocolate bunny!  Try to eat a whole one.  Finally, you can never eat enough jelly beans at Easter!
easter peeps

Happy Valentine's Day!
Don't forget your Valentine this year!  Be sure to tell your Mom or that special someone that you really care about them!  Why not make them something this year!  We have a special Valentine's page too with gift ideas and of course lot's of candy!
valentine candy M&M's

Happy New Year!
It's 2007!  Let's celebrate another new year.  Everyone at Carries's Candies would like to thank you for all of your support over the past year!  We can't wait to hear from you in the new year.  Please continue to keep your ideas coming!

Merry Christmas!
Well Christmas is a great time to eat lots of candy.  There's all kinds of special versions of your favorites like red and green M&M's.  Of course the number one treat is candy canes!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving is a great holiday.  It's probably the least hyped holiday because everyone jumps right from Halloween to talking about Christmas and the holiday season.  Everyone at Carrie's Candies loves Thanksgiving though.  It's more of a relaxed holiday without the pressure of a million decorations and buying all kinds of things.
Thanksgiving is a time to spend with your family.  It's also a chance to reflect on the past year and realize how lucky we all are. 
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!
Thanksgiving Turkey

Halloween Candy!
People used to just hand out regular candy to trick or treaters.  Then they made mini versions of everthing.  Then special orange and black versions came out.  Now there's all kinds of special Halloween candy like chocolate eyeballs and other crazy stuff!
Check out some of our Halloween candy on our: Halloween Candy page. 
Remember check your candy before you eat it!
Halloween Candy

Biggest Candy Day Of The Year Coming Up!
A Huge Day is coming up for us candy nuts!  I am working on changing a bunch of things on the site.  Don't be scared ...

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