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Candy Word Search Game!

Candy Word Search!

multiplayer online games

New Multiplayer Games!

online jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle

chopper game

Chopper Game

Alley Cat Game

Alley Cat Game!

Bowling Game

Bowling Game!

Apple Turnover Game

Apple TurnOver Game!

Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic Tac Toe!

Air Hockey Game

Air Hockey Game


Check Out Line Game!

Brick Invaders Game

Brick Invaders Game!

Road Rally Game

Road Rally Game!

C hicken and Eggs Game

Chicken and Eggs Game!

Random Game

Random Game!

Worm Food Game

Worm Food Game!

Flood Control Game

Flood Control Game!

ZigZag Game

ZigZag Game!

Flashteriods Game


Hip Hop Game!

Hip Hop Game!

River Kayak Game!

River Kayak!

Flitter Flutter Game

Flitter Flutter

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Haunted House Game!

Haunted House!

Moon Lander Game!

Moon Lander!

Skateboarder Game!


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About our Games
Our games are designed for kids between the ages of 7 and 15.  Of course, kids and adults of any age can play our games, but we wanted safe games that parents don't have to worry about.  Plus our kids games are FUN!
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Carrie’s History of Games


Games have been around since the beginning of time.  There is an innate part of man that wants to compete and to win but also to be entertained.  The earliest games probably evolved out of the fight for survival and the need for some entertainment.   Cavekids (as opposed to cavemen) probably ran races mimicking their Dad’s running from a dinosaur with dinner under his arm!


Unfortunately, once man figured out how to better fight nature, man started fighting with each other.  A lot of the original stories of the world involved massive battles between warriors.


So, the earliest of games were sports based on man’s need to survive.  These include running and tests of strength and didn’t involve any playing pieces, sports gear or controllers!


As man became more sophisticated and had more leisure time, games advanced as well.  Games became more a test of man’s mind than his body.


Man first had mental games that required no objects.  Number and word games were invented like:  Count how many wild bears you see when running from one cave to another or How many different words can you get out of tyrannosaurus rex?  But man likes to use his hands not just his mind.


So, there was a transition from pure athletic contests (running, jumping) to games by adding objects (rocks, javelins) and rules (out of bounds, time limits).   As more than one person was involved in the athletic activity, more rules were added.


Man began to invent games with simple objects like bocce ball and dice.   Man then added other things to the game such as playing surfaces and pieces to track each person in the game.  These eventually became board games like chess and checkers.  Man began inventing other things to use in games as well such as cards and wood letters.  These eventually evolved into well known board games like Monopoly, Sorry, and Scrabble.


The real change came when man started using electricity and TV’s for games.  That’s when many of the games already invented were redone in some format on a television screen.  This evolved from the simple game of pong to the high tech games we have today using game consoles such as the Sony PS2 (PlayStation), Microsoft XBox and the Nintendo GameCube.  Many of these games also run on PC’s with software bought at the store.


The true promise of games came about with the internet for two reasons.  One is that many more people have access to games online that would not have before.  The second is that games can now be played against other people across the world.


Carrie’s Future of Games


The next big phase for games will be getting off the 2D screen to a real 3D world.  There will be a new device that somehow can be touched and seen.  You will be able to really interact with the person you are playing then!


What makes a good game?


Have you ever wanted to make a new game?  There are many things that go into a game such as:


  • New Idea - Your game needs a new idea that hasn’t been done before.
  • Stress - There must be some tension in the game.  For example, you are waiting for your opponent to move and you are hoping that he won’t do something!
  • Changes - The game must be different each time you play it.  People won’t want to play if the game is the same every time!
  • Quick Pace - Nobody likes to wait forever waiting for their turn.
  • Strategy - There must be many different ways to win.  Your game should make people plan out several moves in advance.
  • Easy and Hard - People should be able to play right away after opening the box but the more they play it the more they can take advantage of hidden tricks and strategies.
  • Fun! - The game must be fun to play!

Video Games Consoles and Games


Ok, there are lots of different options for playing video games including your PC, handheld devices, phones, and of course consoles that display on your TV.  There are also old versions of everything that still work but new games will not work on them.  Here are your options for buying something new right now:


Consoles                                              Approx Prices, accessories extra

Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium with hard drive               $400

Nintendo GameCube                                                    $150

Sony PS2 – PS3 comes out Nov 17, 2006                   $150


Handheld Portables

Sony PSP (for Playstation Portable)                              $250

Nintendo DS                                                                $140

Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP                                  $110

Nintendo Game Boy Micro                                           $100


To see a list of Carrie’s favorite games and to also looking for something to do besides playing video games, check out Carrie’s Kid’s Activities.

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