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Mother's Day is May 13th!

Mother's day is one of the most special days of the year!  Be sure to tell your mother and your grandmother how much they mean to you!  Mom's love flowers, cards and candy but the best gift you can give them is writing them a note telling them how much you love them!  We can help you put something together.

Mother's Day Flowers

Make a Mother's Day card!
We have some ideas that you can use to make a Mother's Day card!
1. Get a bunch of crayons and paper.
2. Put capital letters MOTHER on it and write something for each letter, like
     Mom, Outstanding, Terrific, Happy, Excellent, Radiant!
3. Put a list of all the things you like about your Mom on the card like
    - She makes you breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!
    - She makes you very happy!
    - She plays lots of games with you!
    - She teaches you all kinds of things!
4. Color a picture of you and your Mom on the card
5. Tape some candy to the front of your card
6. Write a poem on the card, like:
    Mom you're the best
    My love will never rest
    You take care of me
    For all to see
    And I never want to leave your nest!

Mother's Day Candy

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Mother's Day Gifts  (put mouse over picture!)

Webkinz Sherbet Bunny Rabbit

Things to do for your Mom
There's lots of things you can do for your Mom on Mother's day!
1. Make her breakfast in bed!
2. Surprise her by doing things you never do like cleaning your room!
3. Plant some flowers for her in the back yard!
4. Get her some flowers
5. Make her something!
6. If you know how, make her a CD with her favorite songs!

Tell us about your Mother's Day Ideas

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